Statement from Alex Turnbull (creator/writer):

Horror has never been a conventional genre. When it becomes stale, with an onslaught of remakes, pastiches and outright copycatting, some creative soul writes a 'Halloween', a 'Scream', or a 'Paranormal Activity'. No other genre is as open to reinvention and innovation, which is why I have decided to write 'Unicorn'. As a writer, my main goal is to subvert clichés. Inspired by everything from a walk in the local woods, to the film 'Predator', 'Unicorn' is intended to make the viewer feel unease while developing a relationship between the two principal characters.


When Rosie becomes obsessed with a fluffy toy unicorn that she found in the woods at the end of the garden, her private tutor, Charlie, notices the young girl's increasingly irrational behaviour. Over the course of a few days, Charlie becomes increasingly disturbed by a series of strange occurrences. Little does she know, Rosie's new favourite toy will lead to something truly horrific!


A short horror film about a young girl’s increasingly irrational behaviour following the discovery of her new favourite toy, a unicorn.