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Interview with Ruby Donovan

I interviewed Ruby Donovan, who plays Rosie in Unicorn.

What made you want to get into acting?

I knew I wanted to act as soon as I started watching films, I wanted to look like Audrey Hepburn in My Fair Lady as I love musicals and she had such style.

Why did you want to act in this film?

After reading the script, I thought it was a great story, and started preparing for my audition straight away. I thought Rosie was an interesting part that I would love to play.

What was it like to play Rosie?

Playing Rosie was fun and everyone on set went out of their way to make things as easy as possible for me. I loved having my make up done by Soph and having my photos taken by Emma. Acting with Rebecca seemed to come naturally as she was so good.

How was your experience of the shoot?

The whole experience I had auditioning, meeting up and filming Unicorn was exceptional. Any other child actor who is lucky enough to get an opportunity to work with any of this cast and crew should jump at it.

Ruby Donavon in Rosie's pillow fort

What was your favourite moment on set?

My favourite moment on set was being given a pooping unicorn by Harry and Rebecca making me laugh all the time. Also the pillow fortress was so nice. I didn't want to come out of there.

Have you got any exciting projects coming up?

Since Unicorn, I have been in two pantomimes and I have also danced at the Dorchester twice. I start rehearsals for another film (an emotional drama) at the end of this month, to be filmed in April. I am also going to be recording a recurring role in a web series in late April and dancing in two shows in March.

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