• Rhys Williamson

The Unicorn Poster has Arrived

We are super excited to unveil the poster for Unicorn.

The poster was designed by professional designer Michelle Robb. Michelle currently works for environmental charity Hubbub, which promotes environmental messages for the purposes of social change. She is one of the UK's leading bin designers. She also recently designed the poster for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival Show, 'Chris Cook: Chance'. Michelle will be working with us moving forward on wider brand strategy and the creation of an Electronic Press Kit.

The photo for the poster was taken by Emma Barrott. Emma was our photographer on set and you can see all of her photos from the shoot here: https://bit.ly/2AaFZ

Don't miss out on the latest photos and promotional materials from 'Unicorn' - follow us on Instagram today: https://bit.ly/2DC315h

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